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Soon, Blue’s birthday had arrived and we all decided to visit Central Park to celebrate. I finally got to use the stroller I bought last week! I have to say, Alisha likes it a lot. Alice won’t even let me put her in it for 2 seconds.

Blue set up the picnic mat and we were ready for lunch! The twins sat by our sides playing with their dolls. They couldn’t even leave the doll for a few moments. I wanted to wash those things but they just wouldn’t let go. Hopefully when they’re kids, maybe they’ll forget about it or something.

We let the kids try the new spring riders the park had. They both looked so cute sitting on the rides!

Blue and I too went back to our childhood days and played hopscotch. Though I have to say, years without practice can do wonders to your skills at hopscotch.

After we had put the kids to bed, we celebrated Blue’s birthday in the dining room and feasted on cakes while we watched a movie.

Life got on as normal. Blue was very insistent of training Alice to use the potty. He thought he would save time but not disposing of the pee or poop in the potty but it just made more mess. I ended up cleaning the toilet instead.

Later in the afternoon, he decided to train Alisha too. This time when Alisha made a messs, I made sure Blue cleaned it up. Of course Alisha got in the way which made it harder for him.

The day finally came when my little girls were growning up. I couldn’t believe that time passed so fast! We threw a party at our house and invited everyone we knew. Though some people got stuck in the doorway on the way in. Note to self: Get a bigger door.

It was time to blow out the birthday cakes I bought! The first to go was Alice. It seemed like Blue was the only one excited about it. Ah well, he’s little angels are growing up. I carried Alice and on the count of three, we blew out the candles.

Next it was Alisha’s turn to blow out the candles. I think Blue would have gotten quite emotional over this so I brought Alisha to the cake too. Soon the cake blowing ceremony was over and everyone started to rush for the cake. I even saw Tamara sneaking two pieces!

My girls have grown up so beautifully! Still dressing to their favorite color, Alice wanted a hat so I chose the cutest one I could find in the pile of presents she receieved.  She’s looking so much  like me!

Alisha’s hair was getting longer so we decided to tie it into two ponytails. She looking more like her granddaddy. Wished you could be here Pops! I bet my parents would have loved to meet their grandchildren. OK, enough with all this before I start crying again.

Blue immediately called the construction crew to add a new room to our house. We lived in a hotel before moving back.

“Thanks mommy and daddy! I love it!” They screamed in unison as they saw their room.

“Your welcome girls! Glad you like it.” Blue replied, “I hope you like it blue!”

“It’s great daddy but maybe next time some orange?” Alisha suggested before trying out every single thing in the room.

It’s blue, just like how Blue wanted it to be. He’ll never get over the color blue. I wanted to place the dolls they received when they were toddlers but I couldn’t fine it anywhere. Hmm, strange.

The next day was the girls’ first day at school. They really are growing up so fast! I gave them each a hug before they left for school.

“Have fun at school Alisha.” I wrapped my arms around her.

“Okaaayyy mommy! Just.. st-stop squeezing me so t-tightly.” Alisha replied.

“It’s my turn to hug mommy!” Alice whined.

I let go of Alisha and smiled at Alice. I wonder when she started getting attached to me.

“You too Alice! Be sure to look before you cross the road, pay attention in class, listen to the tea-”

 “Ok mommy! We get it!” Alisha said before she dragged Alice out the door. I waved at them before I head off to work.

Author’s Note: Ahhhh >< Sorry for not updating! School has been really crazy for me! Finally managed to update today! I think I’m losing my writing skills T-T

Ever since Blue built or should I say asked someone to build it, I decided to go ahead and practice my cooking skills. We were both really happy that someone gave us the expensive stove Blue was eyeing as a celebrity gift. Sometimes I think he’s just a kid at heart.

The next day, we received some weddings gifts from our friends! Hank gave us some Fountainfoot Blueprints of houses. Hmm, this may come in handy whenever we build a new house. Susan gave us a dragon fountain which was absolutely exquisite! She really has good taste in decor! Blue wrote the ‘Thank You’ letters while I placed them into envelopes and brought them to the post office for delivery!

The next morning when I woke up, I felt like there was something in me that just wanted to escape. Before I knew it, I ran to the bathroom and vomitted. It was a horrible experience. Maybe it’s due to the salad I ate yesterday. Since City Hall gave me leave for a few days, I decided to go to the hospital and help out the sick children like my manager suggested.

On the way to the hospital, I met Jamie and decided to have a chat with her. I told her about me vomitting this morning. She then looked at me and smiled

“You’re pregnant!” Jamie exclaimed with glee.

What? Pregnant? And before I knew it, I was smiling from ear to ear. I was really excited to start a family.

After the session with the children in the hospital, I immediately rushed home to tell Blue all about the news.

“Blue darling.” I called as he was working on a painting.

“Yes dear? What is it?” He said as he put down his palette and brush.

“I’m pregnant! You’re going to be a father!” I exclaimed.

“YIPEEE!” Blue shouted. He was really happy and couldn’t wait to give see them.

He immediately put his head to my stomach and checked to see if there was any sound that could be heard. I told him it was still too early for the baby to make a sound yet. He even tried to talk to the baby like any other ‘going to be’ father would do.

After dinner, Blue immediately ran out to the bookshop. He told me he wanted to get the latest books on pregnancy so that he’ll be prepare for anything. Ahh this silly lovable man.

Blue made sure that my pregnancy would be comfortable. He would make healthy salads for me to eat and ask me to read pregnancy books. Sometimes when my back aches, he would immediately run over to me and massage the aching area. He also built another room in our house for when the baby arrives. He filled it with lots of play toys and baby stuff.

When I went to Emma Hatch’s swimming party. Tori too was excited that I was pregnant and told me that I could go back to work once I was settled down and I could take all the time I needed.

9 months were soon over and it was time for the little baby in me to come out into the world. The pain was excruciating. I immediately called Blue from work and told him that my water broke. He immediately rushed home and called a cab and soon we were off to the hospital!

I calmly walked through the hospital doors while Blue rushed behind me. After 6 hours of indescribable pain, Blue and I walked out of the hospital with two beautiful baby girls. I would like to welcome into this world…

Alice Terry, born at 11:45am, weighing at 6 pounds 5 ounces. She got my hair color and her father’s eyes. I think she looks just like me when I was a baby. Just different eye color.

And Alisha Terry, born at 11:46am, weighing 6 pounds and 5 ounces too. She got my father’s hair and my eyes. If it were not for their eyes or hair, I think I would keep getting them mix up!

The next day, my long lost Aunt Margaret sent each of the twins a weird looking doll, both different colors each. Well, I never knew I had a long lost aunt but my family was never really close to my cousins and all. Nonetheless, the girls loved playing with the doll.

Alisha was more of a mommy’s girl. She would always cry whenever I leave the room or went to play with Alice. However Alice was a daddy’s girl. She always loved playing with his blue hair since her favorite color too is blue. Blue adored that little girl.

Over the days, Blue and I would teach the girls how to walk or talk. Alisha was a faster learner than Alice in walking but I don’t blame her. I too was a slow learner. Blue never gave up though. He tried his best no matter how many times Alice wouldn’t want to respond.

The day would always end with Blue and I tucking both the girls in bed. Having two baby girls pretty much worned us out. But I love them to bits.

Life went on as normal, meeting new people everyday as part of my job to get to know the community better. Sometimes I even meets tourists and they show me their special way of greeting each other. I soon got promoted to a City Council Member. Tori told me I also had to get funds from people which was a bit difficult as some sims were just too overprotective of their money. I also had to take clients out for dinner.

Blueberry was also becoming more known as a fashion designer. Even though our jobs were keeping us apart, Blueberry still made the effort to come and see me after I finished work. Like I said, such a sweetheart.

After I finished work on friday, Susan gave me a call and asked me all about my wedding plans and stuff.

“So when’s your wedding?”

“Well, I was thinking about having it this Saturday at Old Pier Beach. Everyone would be free then.”

“Deary, your forgetting one important thing.” Huh? What else could be important. After a few seconds, she spoke again.

“Your bacherlorette party silly!” Oh.. I see.

“Oh yeah! Ok, I’ll go make the plans now~” I said before I hung up on her. I decided to host my bacherlorette party somewhere else and not on my lawn. There was a new club that was just built so I decided to have it there. I was glad that they had accepted my last-minute party.

Honeyabs Club was the club’s name. It seemed like a decent place so I threw the party there and it started at 6pm. Tamara couldn’t come due to having to attend a doctor’s appointment but she told me she’ll definitely be there at my wedding.

There was a lot a lot of nectar spraying. Charlie was doing most of it.

A lot of drinking.

Dancing on tables.


Poor Hank had his clothes taken away after skinny-dipping. There were also some paparazzi as it seems that I’m now a 4 star celebrity. I had an awesome time and by the time the party ended, it was already 12pm. The Wedding would start at 5pm. I went home, brushed my teeth, grabbed a cup of coffee and went straight to Barney’s Salon and Tattoo where Tamara would be helping me with my dress. Blueberry told me that he had designed a dress for me and would be at the Salon. Of course he wouldn’t be there. Bad luck to see the bride before the wedding right?

When I arrived at the Salon, the lady at the counter immediately got up from her seat.

“This way Ms Terry.” She ushered me into one of the private rooms where Tamara was already waiting for me in her green dress. The lady soon brought out a light blue gown with a few sequins on the side. I immediately fell in love with the dress. I couldn’t believe that Blueberry had designed that for me!

After what seems like an hour of getting in my dress and my hair ready, it was soon time for me to the beach for the wedding.

“Oh Sky! You look gorgeous! I can’t believe my best friend is going to get married!” Tamara said as she looked at me.

“Thanks Tamara! You’re the bestest friend anyone could ask for!” I hugged her.

After Tamara left, I slipped on my shoes and walked towards the awaiting limo. It was time.

When I arrived at the venue, several guest were there already. Blueberry was in his blue tuxedo and was making quick drinks. Jared Frio, Blueberry’s best friend, soon asked everyone to sit down as it was time. As soon as everyone had settled down, Tamara walked down the aisle as she was my bridesmaid. Soon it was my turn. I took one step at a time. With every step, I was nervous but excited at the same time.

“I, Blueberry, take you, Skylar, to be my wife, to have and to hold always, from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish until death do us part.”

“I, Skylar, take you, Blueberry, to be my hushand, to have and to hold always, from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish until death do us part.”After our vows were said and we had put the rings on each other, it was time for us to kiss. Everyone was cheering for us. I was so happy to be surrounded by friends on this day.

Bluberry grabbed my hand and started to running towards the cake. I let him have the honours of doing. He seemed really excited. Everyone clapped and threw flower petals. I had to say, the cake I ordered was delicious and just the way I wanted it to be!

After the cutting of the cake, Blueberry and I had our first dance as husband and wife. We slow-danced to the music, his hands around my waist and my hands on the side of his face. Afterwards, everyone else joined in and we were dancing with different people.

“Congratulations Sky! My little sister is growing up!” Hank said as he danced with me. We were practically like brothers and sisters now.

“Now, when are you and Pauline gonna get married huh?” I teased him.

“Soon. And you’re not invited!” He stuck his tongue out and ran away from me. If I wasn’t in this dress, I would already be chasing after him. Soon the wedding was over and everyone was thanking us for a good time.

When we got home, Blueberry covered my eyes. I was wondering why so suspicious. When he finally removed his hand, right in front of me I saw a white house.

“What happened?” I asked in astonishment.

“When you were at the salon, I called some builders over to build us a new house.” He told me mostly things inside were blue since it was our favorite color.

“Oh I love our house!” I said before I kissed him.

Soon he started tickling me and I did the same to him. One thing led to another and we were in our bedroom. What happened in there? Well, that’s for me to know and for you to find out~

Morning! Another day in Sunset Valley! I guess you could say sleeping on the grass watching the starry sky is different I suppose. I grabbed some ceral from my fridge since I don’t have a stove to cook on. By the time I was ready, the carpool arrived outside my lot. It was a sloppy jalopy but oh well, it’s better than nothing! I went through my head on what I should do when I reached there. The interviewer told me it’s not all about just polishing the podium. I too get a say in things so I guess that’s good.

This is it! My first day at City Hall. I walked through the doors and could see lots of people moving from here and there. I was a bit lost on where to go when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“You must be Skylar right? I’m Tori, your boss.” A cheeful lady greeted me. She seems nice.

“Yup. That’s me.” I smiled.

Tori showed me around the office and how to arrange certain files, count votes and organize events in the future. I even met this nice lady Tamara Donner who was working in the same department as me. We immediately clicked. After work was over, Tamara treated me to dinner and I accepted it. I felt like we’ve been friends for so long.

Before I went home, I decidede to go to the gym to take shower. I better get a shower installed soon.

When I got home, I saw I had mail. It was just some bills, nothing important. Good thing the bills were cheap. They were only $9! However my toilet went and failed on me causing me to unclog it myself. Stupid cheap toilet.

The next day at work was the same thing. Tori asked for my suggestion on what we can do to bring the community together. I suggested to hold a chess tournament and the winner get a prize. She told me I was brillant and was really suited for this job. I was grinning from ear to ear like a chesire cat. Tori passed me a parcel to deliver to the police office and I was done for the day. I thanked her and went off to the police office.

After I delivered the parcel, I remembered Hank and how I told him that I would meet him again. I called him and asked if he wanted to join me for dinner. He gladly accepted it and told me he will meet me at the Bistro. I took a cab to there. When I reached, the Bistro gave off a very ‘welcome’ feeling. I’m starting to like Sunset Valley. A few minutes of waiting and Hank had arrived in his uniform. He told me he was doing some patrol before I called.

We started to walk towards the entrance when I saw him.

He was just sitting there looking around. He had the shiniest, bluest hair I ever seen. I don’t what came over me but I felt the need to get to know him.

“Who’s that guy?” I asked Hank since I suppose he should know everyone here.

“He? Oh! He’s Blueberry Muffin. A fashion designer in the making.” He replied. I kept staring at him. He was the cutest guy I’ve seen in my 21 years.

“Hello? Sky? Earth to Sky. Earth to Sky?” Hank said as he waved his hands in front of me.

“Huh? Oh yeah, let’s get some food. I’m starving!”

“Looks like someone’s in love” He teased.

“Am not!” I replied as he walked inside the Bistro.

After dinner, I noticed that Blueberry guy was no longer there. It was getting pretty late and I had work tomorrow so I hugged Hank and bid him goodbye. And no! This is not what you’re thinking! He’s just my best friend! I’m not a homewrecker. And yeah, somehow he changed his clothes while we were inside the Bistro.

After work, I got the adress of where Blueberry was working from Hank. He called me crazy and said I was stalking him. I wasn’t stalking him… I just wanted.. to get a makeover yeah! That’s right! When he was finished with his previous client, I asked if he could make me a formal outfit for me. I had to have an extra for other occasions right? After a few minutes of telling him what I wanted and didn’t, he started working on me. He was quite fast in making his decisions and styling.

 He styled me in this blue cocktail dress paired with a diamond necklace. My hair was stlyed in an up do hairstyle. I have to say for a guy, he’s a really good designer. Not that I’m saying that all male fashion designer’s are bad. To thank him, I invited him to have dinner with me. He gladly accepted it and told me to wait for him to finish work. I decided to go back to the Bistro Hank and I were yesterday. Note to self, I need to get a car soon. All the cabs here drive so slow it’s making me annoyed.

We talked about a lot of things. I found out he graduated from Fort Starch Military School even though he wanted to go to LeFromage Art School. He’s father had forced him to attend military school as he wanted Blueberry to become an astronaut but things went down from there and Blueberry became a fashion designer instead.

I had so much fun that I didn’t take notice of the time.

Before I left, I grabbed hold of Blueberry’s arm and kissed him. I felt like there were fireworks in my mouth! It was such an amazing feeling! I think I would have skipped home the whole way if it weren’t for the heels I was wearing.

“Will I meet you again Skylar?” He asked, still holding my hand.

“Maybe and please, call me Sky.” I winked at him before I took a cab home.

Saturday came like a breeze and Blueberry had invited me on a date to the beach! I was really excited to see him again. I wore my swimsuit underneath my clothes, grabbed some towels and stuffed them in a bag. I made sure I looked nice and headed off to Old Pier Beach.

When I arrived at the beach, I saw that Blueberry was already there in his swimming shorts. I immediately stripped my clothes down and stuffed it in the bag. Blueberry surprised me with some white flowers. He’s such a sweetheart!

We ate hot dogs, played catch and build sandcastles. Blueberry was like the perfect guy you could ever ask for.

After swimming in the sea, Blueberry pulled me aside and took my hand in his.

“Sky, I know we’ve only met for such a short time but I’ve fallen in love with you. Would you like to be my girlfriend?” He asked. He was acting all embarrassed just like a high school teenage boy.

“Yes Blueberry! I’ll be your girlfriend!” I said with glee. I thought this day would never come!

As the day was ending, I felt like I wanted to be more than just Blueberry’s girlfriend. So just about sunset, I decided to propose to him.

“Blueberry, I love every single thing about you. Even your blue hair. I know I may be taking things too fast but will you marry me?” I said as I got down on one knee.

“OMG! Yes! I’ll marry you!” He said in excitement.

After I put the ring on him, he ran around the whole beach with his arms in the air. He must’ve been really happy.

The day ended with us just watching the stars~This couldn’t have ended any other way.

Skylar Terry. That’s me. It may seem like a weird name since ‘Skylar’ isn’t very common neither is my last name. Now you must be wondering if that’s my house behind me in the picture above. Sadly it isn’t. I used to live in Bridgeport but after my parents passed away, I found out they left me a plot of land in Sunset Valley. So I sold my apartment and decided to movve here in Suset Valley. I thought there was gonna be a 3 story high mansion or a nice cottage but all I got was a stinking piece of land. Thanks so much mom and dad!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am thankful they at least left me something. It’s just.. oh nevermin. I only had a few simoleons left, my photo album and luggage that seems to be wearing out. After I had signed the property letters, the property agent left me with a letter which was from mom and dad.

‘Dear Skylar,

By the time you read this letter you would be 21. We decided to give you this land as a gift from us. We hope that you’ll cherish this land and have maybe… a legacy? How’s that sound? Always know that we love you dearly.

Mom and Dad’

I wiped the tears from my eyes after I read the letter. I miss my parents so much but this is not the time to get all sad Skylar! You have a mission and that’s to have a legacy. It’s seems like a lot of work with just a piece of land to work with but oh well, Skylar Terry doesn’t give up!

So currently this is what 15 Summer Hill Courts look right now. I bought a fridge, mirror, toilet bowl, an easel and a pink sleeping bag. It’s way much cheaper than a bed. Plus, I get a about 500 simoleons left which is good I suppose. I’ve never really been to Sunset Valley before so I’m quite nervous. I hope I make friends and maybe neighbours if they don’t look down on my house.

I decided to check out and see what Sunset Valley was. It looks like a really peaceful town to be in. The sun was always shining too. Guess that’s why they call it Sunset Valley. I decided to get a job at City Hall as it was my dream to be a leader of a free world. I can terrorize people! Mwahahaha! Just joking. The real reason is that since young, I always wanted to make people happy so that the world could be happy. What better job than to be a leader? I walked through the opened doors with pride. I told the secretary sitting at the desk I was here for an interview. She gave me a form to fill out with all my particulars.

After 20 minutes of waiting, the secretary called my name and I knew it was my turn to have the interview. I greeted the interviewer, a tall guy with a moustache, and proceeded with the interview. I tried my best to impress him, answering every question he threw at me with a calm voice.

“So Miss Terry, why do you want to work here in City hall?”

“Well, I’m very interested in politics. It fascinates me a lot. I also want to make the world a better place to be.” I answered with a smile hoping my answer would please him. He took down what I said and carried on asking me questions about politics and stuff like that.

“Thank you Miss Terry. Please wait outside.” He said and showed me the door.

I quietly sat on the blue chair just infront on the door. I kept staring at the door, waiting for the interviewer to come out and told me I got the job. After 20 minutes of waiting which seemed like forever, the interviewer said I got the job! But I had to start off as a Podium Polisher. Well, we all gotta start somewhere right?

I decided to check out the Papyrus Memorial Library next. I heard there are good novels and skill books there. As I stepped into the library, I felt energized and that I could concentrate. Time to get cracking at improving my charisma skill.

I looked around to see if there was a charisma section and I had found one! There were different books to choose from. I decided to start at the basics so I chose this book which had a purple cover and it’s title was “Your way to charisma-ing.” The title made me laugh. I found out it came in a series too so I couldn’t wait till I finished the first book to read the next one! After an hour of reading that book, I finally learnt how to charm people. Might be useful in the future. I decided it was time to stop and maybe make some friends. I have to find a husband right? Time to get my gear ready and go on some husband-hunting!

The first guy I met was Hank Goddard. He was tanned as he used to be a surfer in Hawaii but moved to Sunset Valley. He still surfs though. He’s cute but he already has a fiance and I don’t intend on breaking up an engagement. Well maybe he and I can be best friends. It seems interesting to have a guy best friend.

We got chatting and I found out a lot about him like how he graduated from Dribbledine Sports Academy, and now worked as a police officer. I told him about how I was living on that piece of land with not a lot of money and he told me I was quite brave. Psh, guys… think girls can’t take care of themselves. I didn’t keep track of the time and before I knew it, my stomach made noise. Hank started laughing. He must have heard it. Ahh so embarrassing.

“There are some food at the gym. They also have free showers too. You just have to head north-east.” He said.

“Okay. Thanks Hank! Hope to see you soon.” I waved before heading off in the direction he told me. The gym seems like a nice place to be at. There was a swimming pool and eating area on the ground floor and some exercising machines on the second floor.

I went to the kitchen area and made myself a jam sandwich. I guess this beats eating on the grass at home. I stuffed the sandwich in my mouth and gobbled it all down. Hmm guess I’m hungrier than I thought. There were some locals at the gym so I decided to put my charming skills to the test.

I met this nice lady Susasn Wainwright. She lives with her husband at 53 Maywood Lane. She works at the Science Centre as a carnivorous plant tender and has a daughter about my age. Well, she must be quite brave and good at tending carnivorous plants. What if they bite off your hand or something? Not good. By the time it was for her to leave, we became friends.

“Bye Skylar! Come visit me anytime!” Susan said as she left.

“Bye Susan! Nice meeting you!” I waved. The day was ending and it was time for me to head home. Gotta get a good night sleep for tommorrow.


Good Night C: